Activate is a framework to persist objects in Scala. It is a STM (Software Transactional Memory) distributed and durable with pluggable persistence. Its core is the RadonSTM, which provides a powerful mechanism for controlling transactions in memory, analogous to the transactions of databases, to do optimistic concurrency control. The durability of transactions is pluggable and can use persistence in different paradigms such as relational (JDBC), prevalence (Prevayler) and non-relational (MongoDB). The framework also has support for polyglot persistence using distributed transactions.


A simple way to handle persistence. Transparent, type-safe and pluggable with relational and non-relational storages.


Just use your entities without worrying about concurrency issues. Enjoy the sophisticated STM in-memory transaction control.


Explore the maximum of your hardware. From simple embedded systems to high performance environments. See the benchmark.

Activate is licensed under LGPL.