Activate 1.4.1 is available.

The main new feature is the PrevalentStorage, that uses memory mapped files to maintain a prevalent storage and provides a high scalable persistence solution. Another important new feature is the support for Slick 2 lifted embedding queries.

Special thanks to PaweĊ‚ Rzeczewski for the help with the Lift integration and to Matias Rodriguez for the PrevalentStorage idea.

Release notes (with links to the documentation):

- Prevalent storage
- Slick 2 lifted embedding support
- Sql Server dialect
- Custom type encoders
- Lift Framewok integration
- Update to Play 2.2
- Custom cache configuration
- Eager queries
- Cached queries
- Dynamic queries
- Memory index
- Lifecycle listeners
- Property listeners
- EntityMap
- Cascade delete
- Kryo serializer
- Modify column type migration
- Queries with empty where